13 July, 2016

July in our False Bay garden

- gardening for biodiversity
in Cape Town, South Africa

Looking at gaps in the garden. Taking stock of how far we have come, and where we got sidetracked. A quick record to look back at before I take a break away from the computer.

Alstroemeria towards the camera

I have been looking for plants to represent the mediterranean part of Chile. Lemon verbena is my first, and I've discovered that my inherited Alstroemeria, Inca lilies, would be the second. And explains why they grow so happily.

Summer Gold and Spring Promise

Karoo Koppie

Tapestry hedge dips at two small Searsia crenata and two small Halleria lucida.
Garage gap towards the neighbour where we removed a huge Brazilian pepper tree.
Their kitchen window where we have a trellis and a goodly Halleria lucida with Grewia occidentalis catching up.
Exposed corner beyond carob where we felled the New Zealand Christmas tree and now see Kayaks!!
Shady strip against our bathroom wall to be planted with??
Striped awning lurks above the kitchen patio.

Caterpillar on Veltheimia

This explains why the optimistic buds on Veltheimia come to nothing. Caterpillars. Left in peace to become the butterflies or moths in their future. While I hope for surviving flowers, next year? On the softest yellow vygie flower a very busy bee. Much too early for the next Wildflower Wednesday (link is for June) at the end of the month.

Bee on yellow vygie

I have read
Marguerite Poland --- The keeper
(about life in lighthouses, with her delicately beautiful use of words!)
... silhouetted ... against a four-season sky: high and white; deeply grey with rain linking sea to cloud in swift, drifting brushstrokes; blue as periwinkles; still as autumn.

July flowers
Arum lily, Hibiscus, Iceberg rose
Chasmanthe and Dombeya

And what flowers I can capture as I slip away from July in my garden. An arum lily, the orange cobra lilies, and a Dombeya dangles its bell down. 

False Bay in June

At the weekend with perfect winter days we walk on our beach.

Swiss flag anticipating the First of August
and hoping for sunny summer weather

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Pictures by Diana Studer
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  1. You are very lucky to have so many flowers blooming in your garden in winter. Have a happy holiday away from your computer!

  2. Oh, to have winters like yours! To be able to walk a beach and not freeze! And to have so many beautiful flowers year-round! I love where I live, but not in mid- to late winter. Your garden is looking fabulous!

  3. There may be gaps in your garden but it looks beautiful and very pleasantly green to me. Your bay also offers a delightful view. However you intend to spend your computer break, I hope you enjoy it to the fullest!

  4. You have amazing flowers for what is your winter, I kept thinking - am I mistaken is South Africa not in the southern Hemisphere? What a lovely climate you have to garden in. Enjoy your break.

  5. Enjoy your time away! Your garden is looking lovely here in your photos - perhaps only the gardener sees the gaps? ;-) Have you considered using species Hippeastrum in your Chilean section? Just a thought...

    1. thank you - will add it to my dreaming list.

  6. What wonderful winter weather you have! You have so many beautiful flowers in your garden at the moment, I see my favourite Zantedeschia!

  7. Everything is so full and lush. Ah the lilies are beautiful. Did you say "sidetracked"...know that feeling.

  8. Your garden is BEAUTIFUL!! I've never had a green thumb - in fact, our kitchen cactus and "non-dying" plant in the lounge aren't very happy with me these days, but I still have hope something will change in the near future. Dreaming of having a garden like yours one day is inspiration enough. :)

    Lovely photos!

  9. Your summer gold and spring promos photo reveals the lushness of your July garden. It is gorgeous! I was thinking the same as Christina above, about how July must be winter for you and how wonderful your climate must be. I assume you have no freezing temperatures.

    1. Our snow stays politely as a garnish on the mountain tops - as we saw when we flew home today!

  10. We have the same attitude to feeding insects :-). Love that beautiful caterpillar. I'm off into the woods to see Purple Emporers.

  11. Diana, I had the same reaction as Christina. It says a lot about the differences in our respective climates that you have so many beautiful flowers blooming in winter. (I once optimistically tried to grow an alstromeria here. It bloomed and was lovely during our summer, but didn't survive the winter.)-Jean

  12. Your beach picture makes me anxious for a glimpse of the ocean. We are off to Cape Cod next week -- can't wait. Hope you are enjoying your break. P. x

  13. Oh, the garden is looking lovely, Diana.

  14. I had a really nice visit today to your area - via the Blog. Thanks for the photos. All very inviting. Jack