25 May, 2016

May in our False Bay garden

- gardening for biodiversity
in Cape Town, South Africa

The camera always lies. Take two steps into this and you will stand hip deep in the middle of Froggy Pond! The straw worked like a charm and we can see clear down to the bottom now.

Remembering Rasta Pani in Porterville, Ungardening Pond and Pani's Falls

Froggy Pond

18 May, 2016

Goats Do Roam at Fairview Wine Estate with our daily bread

- gardening for biodiversity
in Cape Town, South Africa

Fairview is on the slopes of the granite mountain of Paarl. Visitors stop at the Goat Tower as they head in. Swiss Saanen goats would like to climb mountains.

Goats Do Roam
Goat tower at Fairview in April 2010

Fairview is famous for its wines - with quirky names. Goats Do Roam. A history of the farm from the Khoi to the Huguenots.

11 May, 2016

Candy pink Nerine

- gardening for biodiversity
in Cape Town, South Africa

I've always loved our indigenous South African bulbs. Such a huge variety. Some I've grown from seed. And this was my mother's. So many years ago I divided her pot in two for us to share. It didn't bloom for her again and I still feel guilty for her lost flowers. The bulbs like to be UNdisturbed and crowded says Sissinghurst blog. This year they must have touched shoulders at last and decided to push up flowers!

Nerine flower

04 May, 2016

Hiking Silvermine West

- gardening for biodiversity
in Cape Town, South Africa

In March last year there was a terrible fire and Silvermine was closed to hikers. Much mining, whoaning and whinging until it was opened again. National Parks explained - boardwalk must be replaced, seedlings are sprouting, animals need shelter, not safe for walking. Also taking the opportunity to reroute paths and sort out erosion control. In September the park was reopened, but it was April before we got to Silvermine West. In May we explored Silvermine East.

Burnt protea flower