21 August, 2014

Aragon is 17

 - gardening for biodiversity 
in Cape Town, South Africa

When we brought Aragon home in her SPCA cat box, she had a lot to say. Henry looked at me with eyes like saucers – did you HEAR that? We took the box into the garden, out hopped Catherine of Aragon, swore at Henry – get the f%$% out of my garden! I explained, this is Henry's garden. Henry was a gentle, kind soul.

with yellow Tecoma in June 2009, today it towers over me!

All of our cats have been rescued animals. So sad that as a society we ask, those who work at animal shelters, to put down healthy animals! Pickwick and Aragon came from the SPCA, Sparkles was fostered, while Henry and Chocolat knocked at the door – I heard you were looking for a cat??

07 August, 2014

The Koos Malgas legacy at the Owl House

 - gardening for biodiversity 
in Cape Town, South Africa

I took you with me on our March 2010 visit to the Owl House in Nieu Bethesda. Visitors come to this far away town to see her home, filled with her art works, created thru the second half of her life.

The sculptures are crafted from concrete. If you are a sculptor, or a craftsperson imagine the artist Helen Martins handing you her idea, a rough sketch on the back of a match-box. A scribble on a paper napkin. And today something electronic. What does it do to the creative process if the mind's eye does not work thru a pencil on paper? Just tapping at an electronic keyboard? Writing from the heart.


Thru the large window is the kitchen, with that hearth blazing

01 August, 2014

Swiss on the First of August

 - gardening for biodiversity 
in Cape Town, South Africa

The Swiss National Day. Erster August.

Schönenwerd church 

Schönenwerd is where the Ungardener was born.