25 January, 2017

January in our False Bay garden

- gardening for biodiversity
in Cape Town, South Africa

We have two sorts of March lilies in our garden. The ones I found in Porterville which bloomed with joyful enthusiasm - a gift from Anna who gardened there before us and loves bulbs. (But the Porterville bulbs are sulking as they adjust)

The others were from our Camps Bay garden, and they longed for cool sea breezes when we lived in the Swartland, sulked and refused to bloom except in 2014. After two years of settling in, I have a first flower on Crinum moorei. Not March lilies, but Natal lilies!

Natal lily Crinum moorei from our Camps Bay garden

18 January, 2017

Glencairn labyrinth before the fire

- gardening for biodiversity
in Cape Town, South Africa

In September last year, a kind time of year, full of green and flowers, we walked the Glencairn labyrinth on its second birthday.

Path in the labyrinth
September 2016

That huge rock slab broke into three when it was moved on Mandela Day. For me the heartbeat of the labyrinth - three in one, together we stand, the differently shaped pieces of Tutu's 'rainbow people of God' snugly joined. Stepping stone paths and a slatted wooden bridge crosses the soggy bit.

04 January, 2017

A Prairie garden in Frankfurt

- gardening for biodiversity
in Cape Town, South Africa

Last July we went from London to Bristol, then to visit the Ungardener's sister in Frankfurt. We had lunch at the Skyline Plaza. (I'll never see the High Line in New York but this was almost as good). The Skyline Garden is the 'fifth facade' of a shopping mall. Opened in 2013 and designed by landscape architects from Wiesbaden and Baltimore. The plants improve the urban microclimate by increasing humidity, lowering the temperature and reducing air pollution. Irrigated by rain, which in turn reduces stormwater runoff. Restaurant with an outdoor terrace (our lunch - cheese and leek veggie burger!), children's playground, sport and activity spaces. I'll be with the flowers!

Frankfurt prairie
July 2016