Garden Year

In November 2014 we moved to False Bay.

November 2014 we move in

In a yellow limbo in November 2017
Advent wreath in pelargoniums in November 2016
After the first year in November 2015
Taking stock as we began gardening in November 2014

We have ... bananas in December 2017
Marking time in December 2016
Woodland planters in December 2015
Making plans with Christmas flowers in December 2014

Day Zero looms - water and drought in January 2018
Emptying dams in January 2017
Tapestry hedge in January 2016
Newly laid patios in January 2015

Grey water in February 2017
Water in Froggy Pond in February 2016
Before the builders start in February 2015

Visiting otter in March 2017
Froggy Pond planted in March 2016
Building chaos in March 2015

Garden is two years old in April 2017
The purple shall govern - autumn flowers in April 2017
A year of gardening here in April 2016
Autumn's moody blues in April 2016
Begin at the begining of the garden in April 2015

Installing a rain water tank in May 2017
Clear water in Froggy Pond in  May 2016
Karoo Koppie and verge in May 2015
Looking for colour in May 2015

Extreme gardening and ruby Lachenalia in June 2017
Autumn Fire 'blazes' on the Karoo Koppie in June 2016
Washing line pergola in June 2015

Karoo Koppie and a second rain water tank in July 2017
Looking at gaps in the garden in July 2016
Planting Spring Promise in July 2015

Between rain and tanks in August 2017
Winter green for August 2016
Planting Summer Gold in August 2015

New path and poppies in September 2017
Trees can be 'sat under' in September 2016
Begin at Cornish Stripe in September 2015

Green garden with flowers in October 2017
Why do I garden? Somewhere green to sit. For birds and bees. October 2016
Gardening for biodiversity in October 2015

By Diana Studer  
of  Elephant's Eye on False Bay 

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