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False Bay garden in May

by Diana Studer - gardening for biodiversity in Cape Town, South Africa
Out front the garden is coming on. The olive tree is an embraceable size. Our side of the boundary wall the succulents are a dense and complex tapestry dotted with scarlet and salmon pelargoniums.

But Through the Garden Gate (April link) the garden is a mess. We are in the mucky throes of installing our rain water tank. One heap of soil he redistributed, that corner is back to normal. I attacked the second heap which is hogging the space between the table and Froggy Pond. A third is laid across the garden beds and pots. Another trowel full for you?? The tank waits with two bags of pebbles for checkerboard seams in Rose Courtyard. Down at the shady end near the lemon tree, chaos has a concrete platform almost ready for the tank. We plan to use that water in the washing machine - as our next step of droughtproofing our life and home.

A WET mess! The clouds brought us 5 millimetres of rain.

My new Canon camera is fun t…

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