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Zeitz Museum of Contemporary African Art at the V&A Waterfront

by Diana Studer - gardening for biodiversity in Cape Town, South Africa
I watched the metamorphosis from coal sheds to gallery, grain silos to hotel. Behind the geodesic windows, with views across the harbour and up to Table Mountain is a very expensive hotel The Silo. On Wednesday mornings entry to Zeitz MOCAA is free if you have an African ID.

Sapphire sky, gold from Africa, and coral beads. The horror of what he sees thru the gap torn in his sail, kept me sleepless all night. The world scaled to human size.

The building intrigues me. To rework vast grain silos, remembering the history embedded in the concrete. Built in 1921-4, it was the tallest building in sub-Saharan Africa till 1974. Architect Heatherwick - “We got one of the [original] grains, digitally scanned it, enlarged that grain to ten stories high, and used that as the carving pattern.” Construction workers used double-blade handsaws to painstakingly carve the curvaceous inner sanctum. Across the heart flies a delicate dr…

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