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Cape Town Environmental Education Trust and hiking in Silvermine

by Diana Studer - gardening for biodiversity in Cape Town, South Africa
Let there be fynbos for future generations! I hope we will achieve that by encouraging children and young people to experience nature. We went with the Church in Creation to Kenilworth Race Course. In the oval in the centre of the track is a precious patch of Cape Sand fynbos with 34 Red Data species. Threatened with development, but we NEED another casino and fast food outlets etc. That morning I was encouraged by a fledgling environmental science student, and the two rangers at the reserve who were trained by the Cape Town Environmental Education Trust.

In March 2016 we met the eland at the Gantouw Project, also CTEET work. I watched a video clip of a young girl from the neighbouring low income township on a weekend environmental camp, and the utter 'lit up like Christmas' delight on her face as she paddles her kayak on the water! It is from moments like that that the vocation to care for nature springs, o…

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