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Zoe a little cat adopted from TEARS

by Diana Studer - gardening for biodiversity in Cape Town, South Africa
It was time to make space in our home for a lady cat. Someone to play with Thomas. We went to TEARS our local animal shelter. When cats with kittens are brought in, the kittens find homes easily, but mama gets left behind - and I wanted to give the discarded mama a second chance. Thomas is a six and half kilo big fluffy cat and I was nervous of introducing his wary character to a little person.

After we lost Aragon, Thomas was a lonely only in the calm before the storm.

The cat beds are the same size but the Ungardener made Zoë's smaller so the little cat wouldn't feel lost. Yes so. When we let her out of the guest room, she strolled over to Thomas, breezily parked her front paws on the chair and said 'Hi Thomas, I'm Zoë'. She spread herself across the large bed, and Thomas concertinaed in the small one (even in the large one he scatters paws and legs over the edge!)

We are not used such livelin…

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