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The purple shall govern

by Diana Studer - gardening for biodiversity in Cape Town, South Africa
Someone (I am not nearly such an organised gardener!) has flipped a switch in our garden. It is autumn, let there be purple. Seven of these plants I was pleased to find established in the garden. I worked around what I found. Moved some. And I am enjoying filling the gaps with those I love - purple sage, Rotheca and Barleria. For Cornish Stripe (blue and purple with white) I still need purple daisies as a groundcover Dimorphotheca jucunda. A year ago the garden was purple, but this year I miss my Limonium and Felicia - both thoughtful, and the inherited violets which have vanished.

Hypoestes aristata inherited in purple and white. There are seedlings volunteering all over the garden, which will need careful rearranging and editing. Called ribbon bush as the petals curl back to gift wrap the garden.

Lavender and Mexican sage joined by my new purple sage, three foreigners among the indigenous.

Two indigenous shrubs. …

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