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Autumn flowers in the Cape mountains in March

by Diana Studer - gardening for biodiversity in Cape Town, South Africa
Up Nursery Buttress and down Nursery Ravine. Blue Disa. Protea cynaroides King protea overlooking Kirstenbosch, where he saw the dam is gratefully full!

We walked almost down to Smitswinkel Bay bordering Cape Point Nature Reserve. Gnidia oppositifolia a central golden crown. Hibiscus aethiopicus low to the ground. Linum africanum delicate orange lines on yellow petals. Monopsis lutea scattered flowers. Gleichenia coral fern. Erica ericoides dangling dark anthers. Erica parvifolia clusters of pink. Erica hirtiflora two tones of pink. Drimia elata ghostly silver flowers Struthiola ciliata a central eight pointed star. Plecostachys serpyllifolia has pink hearts. Amaryllis belladonna March lily.

In search of Brunsvigiaorientalis and they were spread across the firebreak. Berzelia lanuginosa pink pompoms. Erica cerinthoides fire heath. Tritoniopsis antholyza. Searsia laevigata fruit. Interesting place to live - access i…

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