13 July, 2016

July in our False Bay garden

- gardening for biodiversity
in Cape Town, South Africa

Looking at gaps in the garden. Taking stock of how far we have come, and where we got sidetracked. A quick record to look back at before I take a break away from the computer.

Alstroemeria towards the camera

I have been looking for plants to represent the mediterranean part of Chile. Lemon verbena is my first, and I've discovered that my inherited Alstroemeria, Inca lilies, would be the second. And explains why they grow so happily.

06 July, 2016

More precious than rubies

- gardening for biodiversity
in Cape Town, South Africa

Imagine a tiny virtual garden, just big enough to sit in. I'm not a dedicated minimalist, more of a hoarder. One of my hoards is indigenous bulbs, many grown from Kirstenbosch seed over the years. In the Western Cape we begin to see drifts of white rain daisies -- what we call spring flowers, but of course we are still locked in the grip of winter. Chilly! My garden thoughts turn to spring when the lush succulent leaves of Lachenalia rubida begin to fill pots. Following May's electric pink Nerine.

All Lachenalia rubida pictures are
from July 2012 in our Porterville garden